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Marshall County Health Department

Lacon, IL

Food Safety

 The Marshall County Health Department conducts a food safety program to assure the reduction or elimination of the risk for the transmission of communicable disease in the food service industry. This is accomplished through several steps: education of food service industry workforce, surveillance of reported food illnesses, and enforcement of food safety regulations. Food safety measures utilized by food service workers to prevent food borne illness can include purchasing food from safe sources, cooking food adequately, holding food at proper temperatures, using clean equipment, and following appropriate personal hygiene practices.

Food establishments are inspected to assure compliance with the Illinois Food Service Sanitation Code, Illinois Retail Food Code, Marshall County Food Safety Ordinance, and other applicable food safety regulations.
In Marshall County, routine food safety inspections are conducted one to three times a year depending upon the risk assessment classification assigned to that food service establishment. The Health Department staff use a point system to rate a food service establishment's level of compliance to food safety regulations. Each establishment starts out with 100 points at each inspection. Points are subtracted for violations found at the time of the establishment's routine unannounced inspection. There are 45 items or categories under which violations may be written. Within these 45 items, 13 are considered critical items and are worth 4-5 points. Critical items are those violations that are more likely to contribute to food contamination, illness, or other food safety hazards. For example, improper food temperatures, contaminated foods, and poor personal hygiene are considered critical food safety items. The other 32 items are considered non-critical items. Non-critical violations are worth 1-2 points and are unlikely to directly contribute to food borne illness; however, they do affect the overall sanitation level of the food service establishment. For example, unclean floors and inadequate lighting in the kitchen are considered non-critical items.
The number of violations noted during a regular inspection determines the number of points which are subtracted from 100. This gives the score for the establishment and is considered the Original Score. The establishment's Original Score will be used by the Health Department staff to determine compliance with the Marshall County Food Safety Ordinance and the Marshall County Health Department, Food Safety Program Enforcement Policies. Additionally, Health Department staff will calculate an Adjusted Score which will reflect any noted violations that were corrected while staff was on site.
To view this years current Food Inspection Scores please click this link. If you would like more detailed information on the inspection conducted at a food service establishment please complete a FOIA (freedom of information act) request and submit it to khalberg@bchealthdepartment.org

Food Sanitation Services 

We inspect and license food service establishments and educate personnel to ensure compliance with sanitation code to protect the consumer.

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